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Cannabis Growing

Hemp cultivation is a fascinating process that requires a certain knowledge and experience from a gardener. In this section, forum participants can discuss the problems of growing cannabis in open ground, a home greenhouse and greenhouse. Also in the section you can find a lot of useful information about the cultivation of cannabis on various substrates, with and without fertilizers. In the hydroponics subsection, growers can familiarize themselves with equipment and accessories for growing marijuana without soil. Recipes and tables of solutions, rules for replacing the nutrient substrate, questions of diseases and pests - all of this is devoted to our section.


  1. For beginners - question / answer

    This section is intended for quick resolution of problems encountered when growing cannabis. Here you can ask a question on any topic: plant disease, sex determination, fertilizers, soil acidity reduction, as well as equipment and components of the grow box. Feel free to post topics and ask questions. Our resource is visited by experienced gardeners and ethnobotanists, as well as growers who may have already encountered similar problems. Create a topic and the answer will not be long in coming. Only mutual support will help to quickly resolve an incomprehensible situation.

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  2. Cannabis FAQ

    Here are collected the most common questions of gardeners regarding the cultivation of hemp, equipping grow boxes, proper lighting, land, hydroponics, seed germination and much more. Before creating a new topic in this section of the forum, we urge you to make sure that there is none. The cultivation of cannabis is a multifaceted process and even experienced gardeners with a rich theoretical base and experience can not always solve the problem with the plant, so do not be shy. Create topics, ask and chat with like-minded people.

  3. Plant problems

    Выращивание каннабиса в открытом грунте и в домашней оранжерее может быть сопряжено с множеством непредсказуемых факторов, которые негативно сказываются на здоровье растения. Чрезмерный полив, высокая кислотность почвы, набеги вредоносных насекомых, недостаток света или высокая влажность - это лишь небольшой список факторов, которые могут загубить урожай. В данном разделе мы рассматриваем самые распространенные проблемы растений и находим подходящие решения для их устранения.

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  4. Cannabis Growing Reports

    This section of the forum contains all the reports on the cultivation of hemp. TOP reports in which guru-growers show a master class in hemp cultivation. Reports in outdoor, indoor, in which you can find the secrets of the grove, which you did not even suspect. In the hydroponics branch, here you will learn how to grow hemp without soil and what you need for this. This and much more can be found in this section. In addition, you yourself can share your Grove experience by publishing your reports in the appropriate forum thread.

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